KOSAPLUS Korea is specialized manufacturer of Pneumatic Actuator (Scotch Yoke Design) for the past 20 years, No.1 leading pneumatic actuators in Korea with more than 30 Korean brand-label-customers including AUTOMA, DONGJOO, DOWVALVE, NOAH, MOTOYAMA, KCC, A-SUNG just name a few.

Today, KOSAPLUS manufactured products include Pneumatic actuator Rack & Pinion type, Electric Actuators Spur Gear & Scotch Yoke type, and Limit-Switch-Box. The company has obtained ISO9001/14001 system certification and product certificates include CE, SIL and ATEX explosion proof.

TTS group has been selling under 'AUTOMA' brand label for the past 15 years, is now appointed by KOSAPLUS as exclusive Distributor in Malaysia.





TTS Valve Technologies Sdn Bhd established since 2001, is a professional supplier for Automatic Control Valves, Industrial Process Valves, Pneumatics & Solenoid Valves, Instrumentation Controls & Gauges. TTS has the most complete range of actuator accessories to serve you as one stop center for the complete range of automatic control valves.

We are Distributor/Agent and Stockist for the most complete range of actuator accessories branded 

PARKER NAMUR Valve (Option Ex dm IIC T4)

PARKER Filter-Regulator

PARKER Filter-Regulator SS316L

KOSAPLUS Limit-Switch-Box (Option #KLS20 Ex d IIC T6)

The Angle Seat Valve is a 2/2-way pneumatically actuated piston valve for liquids, gases, steam and some aggressive fluids (vacuum services also.) The superior design of the piston is unique to the market, enabling the plug to retract farther from the flow path, ensuring the highest flow capacity. The dual packing design, and a large diameter self aligning stem insures the highest cycle life.

We are Distributor/Agent and Stockist for the most complete range of actuator accessories branded AUTOMA, EUROTEC, KOSAPLUS, PARKER, SKP, TISSIN and YPC.

Pneumatic Angle Seat Valve - Fully Stainless Steel

YPC 3/2-WAY 1/8 #YSV311

EUROTEC 3/2-WAY 1/4 #MD32

PARKER 5/2-WAY for Double Acting #PHS

There are four general body styles of ball valves: 1-piece-body, split-body, top entry and welded. There are four general types of ball valves: full port, standard port, reduced port, and v port.

Full-port ball valve has an oversized ball so that the hole in the ball is the same size as the pipeline resulting in lower friction loss. Flow is unrestricted, but the valve is larger. 

Standard-port ball valve is usually less expensive, but has a smaller ball and a correspondingly smaller port. Flow through this valve is one pipe size smaller than the valve's pipe size resulting in slightly restricted flow.  In reduced port ball valves, flow through the valve is one pipe sizes smaller than the valve's pipe size resulting in restricted flow. 

V-port ball valve has either a 'v' shaped ball or a 'v' shaped seat. This allows the orifice to be opened and closed in a more controlled manner with a closer to linear flow characteristic. When the valve is in the closed position and opening is commenced the small end of the 'v' is opened first allowing stable flow control during this stage. This type of design requires a generally more robust construction due to higher velocities of the fluids, which would quickly damage a standard valve. 

Trunnion ball valve has a mechanical means of anchoring the ball at the top and the bottom, this design is usually applied on larger and higher pressure valves(say 4 inch and above 600 psi and above) 

Manually operated ball valve can be closed quickly and thus there is a danger of water hammer. Some ball valves are equipped with an actuator that may be pneumatically or motor (electric) operated. These valves can be used either for on/off or flow control. A pneumatic flow control valve is also equipped with a positioner which transforms the control signal into actuator position and valve opening accordingly.



1-PIECE-BODY BALL VALVE SS304/316 1000PSI #AT100/101

2-PIECE-BODY BALL VALVE SS304/316 1000PSI #AT200/201

Butterfly valves are a common valve type used in large diameter pipes. They are typically used for basic on/off service, but can also be effectively used to throttle flow. They are operated with a simple 90 degree turn (qurter-turn) of a disc shaped obstructor. This disc has a slim profile around which flow passes when parallel to flow, but stops the flow in the when rotated 90 degrees to fill the entire opening of the valve.

Wafer Butterfly Valve (Economy Type #ACE)

AUTOMA Butterfly Valve (2Piece Shaft #ACM/ACP)

AUTOMA Butterfly Valve (PTFE Seat #ACT/ACU)

AUTOMA Butterfly Valve (SS316 Body #ACS)

When precise control is needed, globe valves are the favorite in many industries. Globe valves use linear motion of a plunger that seats in a seat in a plane that divides the upper and lower half of the valve. In 2-way globe valves, the lower half is connected to the inlet port, and the upper half is connected to the outlet.

AUTOMA Control Valve

Electric Bronze Globe Valve (On-off or Control)

Electric C/Iron Globe Valve (On-off or Control)

Electric S/Steel Globe Valve (On-off or Control)





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AUTOMA C/Steel Gate Valve API600

AUTOMA C/Steel Globe Valve API600

AUTOMA C/Steel Swing Check API600

AUTOMA C/Steel Y-Strainer

VEELOK Ball Valve

VEELOK Miniature Ball Valve

VEELOK Valve Manifold

VEELOK Multi-port Gauge Valve

A knife gate valve is a component that utilizes a blade to cut through clogging of heavy liquids. These valves were designed to work in some of the most corrosive, erosive and abrasive environments in the world.

Knife gate valve were originally designed for the pulp and paper industry. Stringy pulp would get stuck between the wedge and the seat of a normal gate valve and prevent flow shut-off. Knife gate valves were specially designed with a sharp edge to cut through the pulp and seal.

Knife gate valves are used is a lot of processing plants today and come in large sizes which make it easier to handle thick flows of light grease, heavy oils, varnish, slurry, waste water and paper pulp. It's important to note that these valves do have low-pressure limitations and are designed to seat the blade into an elastomer seal once the blade cuts through the substances its handling. Thick liquids easily glide over these soft seals with no interference, however, when a solid mass or powder passes through the knife gate, the bulky, dry material ends up packing into the soft seals located at the end of the gate. When this happens, the seals eventually won’t close tightly enough. If this happens the seals will need to be replace.

When not to Use Knife Gate Valves

These valves shouldn't be used to regulate flow because whenever fluid is forced against a partially closed gate, a vibration takes place, gradually eroding the disk and seat. Consequently, knife gate valves should only be used completely closed or opened. In addition, these valves are designed to slowly open and close to safeguard against the impacts of water hammer.

AUTOMA Knife Gate Valve PN10 #200QB

CMO Knife Gate Valve


VEELOK Needle Valve

TL C/Iron Sight Glass

TL C/Iron Steam Trap

AUTOMA C/Steel Sight Glass

Solenoid valves, Pneumatic directional control valves, Air filters, Tubing & fittings, Hydraulic directional control valves, Instrument valves & fittings, Sinclair Collins control valves, Sporlan refrigeration valves & accessories.

PARKER Brass Solenoid Valve #PM146 (G1/8~1/4)

PARKER Brass Solenoid Valve #121K (G1/4~1/2)

PARKER Brass Solenoid Valve #221G (G3/8~1)

PARKER Brass Solenoid Valve #7321B (G3/8~G3)

Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies. For 100 years the company has engineered the success of its customers in a wide range of diversified industrial and aerospace markets.

Parker pneumatics has been providing solutions to the Factory Automaton arena for over 80 years. Working in automotive engine & assembly, stamping and material handling, our pneumatic products are designed to help manufacturers optimize operations.

Parker pneumatic products are designed to meet the increasing global demand for food and energy. Together, with our customers, we are innovate solutions to help farmers increase productivity and yield.

Parker #P2L Directional Control Valve

Parker #PHS Directional Control Valve

Parker #DX ISO Directional Control Valve

Parker #341 NAMUR Directional Control Valve

Brass Gate Globe Check Ball Y-Strainer


SS304/316 Gate Valve

SS304/316 Globe Valve





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