Pneumatic/Electric Actuated Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Angle-seat Valves, Globe Valves
Actuator Accessories - Namur/Pipe Mounting Solenoid Valves, Limit-Switch-Box, E/P Positioner, Air Filter-Regulator etc.

AUTOMA-SYSTEM-PLUS Pneumatic Actuator (Rack~Pinion Type)

AUTOMA-SYSTEM-PLUS Pneumatic Actuator (Scotch~Yoke Type)

AUTOMA-SYSTEM-PLUS Compact Electric Actuator 20~80Nm

AUTOMA-SYSTEM-PLUS Electric Actuator 100~3000Nm

Pressure Gauge, Diaphragm Gauge, Glass Thermometer, Bi-Metal Thermometer, Capillary Thermometer, Snubber,
Pressure Switch, Flow Switch, Instrument Valves & Fittings

VEELOK Ball Valve

VEELOK Miniature Ball Valve

VEELOK Needle Valve

VEELOK Valve Manifold

Solenoid valves, Pneumatic directional control valves, Air filters, Tubing & fittings, Hydraulic directional control valves, Instrument valves & fittings, Sinclair Collins control valves, Sporlan refrigeration valves & accessories.

Parker #P2L Directional Control Valve

PARKER Brass Solenoid Valve #PM146 (G1/8~1/4)

Parker #PHS Directional Control Valve

Parker #DX ISO Directional Control Valve

AUTOMA Cast Iron Air Vent

AUTOMA Brass Air Vent


Mini Ball Valve SS304 #AT010

AUTOMA Ball Valve SS304 Butterfly Handle #AT100B

AUTOMA 1-PC Body S/Steel Ball Valve #AT100/101

AUTOMA 2-PC Body S/Steel Ball Valve #AT200/201

AUTOMA C/Iron Butterfly Valve #ACE

AUTOMA C/Iron Butterfly Valve #ACM

AUTOMA C/Iron Butterfly Valve #ACT #ACU

AUTOMA D/Iron Butterfly Valve #ACH #ACP

Double Union Flexible Joint

Single Bellow Flexible Joint

Double Bellow Flecible Joint

JF S/Steel Expansion Joint

AUTOMA SS304 Float Valve


AUTOMA C/Steel Gate Valve API600

AUTOMA C/Steel Globe Valve API600

AUTOMA C/Steel Swing Check API600

AUTOMA C/Steel Y-Strainer

AUTOMA Brass Pressure Reducing Valve

TL C/Iron Pressure Reducing Valve

Z-Tide SS316 Pressure Reducing Valve


AUTOMA Bronze Safety Valve

AUTOMA S/Steel Safety Valve

Samyang C/Iron Safety Valve

AUTOMA C/Steel Safety Valve with Lever

TL C/Iron Sight Glass

AUTOMA C/Steel Sight Glass


GP Auto-drain Solenoid Valve

GP Brass Solenoid Valve G1/2 ~ G2"

PARKER SS430 Solenoid Valve NPT1/8 ~ NPT3/8

GP SS316 Solenoid Valve G1/2 ~ G2"

TL C/Iron Steam Trap

Gate-Globe-Check Valves, Y-T-U-Strainers, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Safety Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Needle Valves, Ball Float Valves, Foot Valves, Cryogenic Valves, Self-regulating Valves, Steam Traps etc.

DUVALCO Resilient Seated Gate Valve

DUVALCO Double Flanged Butterfly Valve

DUVALCO Swing Check Valve


ANSI Pressure-Temperature Ratings

API600 Trim Number

Chemical Compatibility Guide

JIS Flange Dimensions

AUTOMA SS304 Ball Valve 1-PC Body #AT100 STD 1/2"

AUTOMA SS304 Ball Valve 2-PC Body #AT200 STD 1/2"

AUTOMA SS304 Ball Valve 3-PC Body #AT300 STD 1/2"

Parker 2-way N/Closed G1/4 #PM146WV-ZB 10bar DC/AC

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