YPC Pneumatics

Since our inception in 1987, YPC Korea has been allocating its resources to specialise in the development and manufacturing of pneumatic products considered the core of factory automation.

In addition, to ensure the consistent precision and reliability of our pneumatic products, YPC has been implemented a PPM system as the critical part of our overall quality assurance program. Most importantly,YPC is honoured and privileged that the fully diversified line of YPC products are contributing to the overall growth and development of many domestic automation industries.

SF2101-IP-24VDC (5/2-way single solenoid 1/8")

SF2200-IP-24VDC (5/2-way double solenoid 1/8")

SF4101-IP-24VDC (5/2-way single solenoid 1/4")

SF4200-IP-24VDC (5/2-way double solenoid 1/4")

SF5101-IP-24VDC (5/2-way single solenoid 3/8")

SF5200-IP-24VDC (5/2-way double solenoid 3/8")

SF6101-IP-24VDC (5/2-way single solenoid 1/2")

SF6200-IP-24VDC (5/2-way double solenoid 1/2")

SF2601-IP-24VDC (3/2-way single solenoid 1/8")

SF4601-IP-24VDC (3/2-way single solenoid 1/4")

SIV511-IP-24VDC (5/2-way single solenoid ISO-2)

SIV520-IP-24VDC (5/2-way double solenoid ISO-2)

SN4101-IL-24VDC (5/2-way single solenoid NAMUR)

SN4200-IP-24VDC (5/2-way double solenoid NAMUR)

YSV311-DP-24VDC (3/2-way single solenoid 1/8")

YSV311-DP-24VDC X 4PCS STAKABLE (3/2-way single solenoid 1/8")

YMV310-1RB-2RB-PU (3/2-way Mechanical Valve 1/8")

YMV310-FP, MS, SL (3/2-way Mechanical Valve 1/8")

HLV420-D Hand Valve

FT410-S Foot Valve

496131 (22mm Coil IP65)

108-030-1028 (22mm Nass Coil)


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