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Scotch Yoke AD/AS

Rack & Pinion RD/RS

Electric Actuator KE-G Spur Gear Type

Electric Actuator KE-P Scotch Yoke Type

Electric Actuator Explosionproof KP010

AT20x 2-PC-Body Ball Valve

AT10x 1-PC-Body Ball Valve

AT30x 3-PC-Body Ball Valve

AT330 3-Port Ball Valve

AT326 WCB Ball Valve 2000psi

AT391 SS316 Body 2000psi

AT8101 Chrome Brass Ball Valve

AT8103 Chrome Brass Ball Valve

A1BAx Cast Iron Ball Valve ANSI150/JIS10K

AT22x SST/WCB Ball Valve ANSI150/JIS10K

AT22xMB SST Ball Valve ANSI150/JIS10K

AT23x SST/WCB Ball Valve ANSI300

AT264 SST/WCB Ball Valve ANSI600

ACME ECO CI Butterfly Valve

ACM CI/DI Butterfly Valve

ACU CI Butterfly Valve (PTFE Coating Seat)

ACS SST Butterfly Valve

A3BF1 High Performance Butterfly Valve

VALUE High Performance Butterfly Valve

A2-PVC Butterfly Body

ACML (Aluminum Hand Lever)

ACMG (Aluminum Gearbox)

DG050 (Declutchable Gearbox)

AT34x SST Ball Valve ANSI150/JIS10K

AT128F SST Ball Valve PN16

P110 General Pressure Gauge

SF2101-IP-24VDC (5/2-way single solenoid 1/8")

P250-P251 Industrial Pressure Gauge

SF2200-IP-24VDC (5/2-way double solenoid 1/8")

P252-P258 Industrial Pressure Gauge

SF4101-IP-24VDC (5/2-way single solenoid 1/4")

SAF Air Filter

P253-P259 Industrial Pressure Gauge

SF4200-IP-24VDC (5/2-way double solenoid 1/4")

P254-P255 Industrial Pressure Gauge

1 - 40 of 144

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