TISSIN Control Valve Accessories

Tissin is a professional brand for control valve accessories in Korea and provides high quality of products that are based on long-term field experience.

Tissin’s team members with many experiences who are in charge of the technical department, the sales departmentand the production department have overcome various problems that have occurred in the field over the years, so with that we have been trying for the customer’s trust constantly.

Tissin's technical department team understands the conditions of the field very well and continues to develop new product lines in the direction that customers want. In addition, Tissin's sales and production department team is using all of its methods to service the most competitive pricing to meet the customer's requirements.

Air Filter Regulator 1/4" SS316

Air Filter Regulator 1/4"

Lock Up Valve 1/4" SS316

Lock Up Valve 1/4"

Volume Booster 3/4"

Volume Booster 1/2"

Volume Booster 1/4"

Smart Valve Positioner TS900 Explosion-proof

Smart Valve Positioner TS700 Fail Freexe

Smart Valve Positioner TS800 Intrinsically Safe

Smart Position Transmitter TS515 Explosion-proof SS316

Smart Position Transmitter TS510 Explosion-proof

Smart Position Transmitter TS500

Limit-Switch-Box TS415 Explosion-proof SS316

Limit-Switch-Box TS410 Explosion-proof

Limit-Switch-Box TS400

P-P Positoner TS610R Rotary Type

P-P Positoner TS610L Linear Type

E-P Positioner TS600R Option Code 6 with L/S Mounting Device

E-P Positioner TS600R Option Code 5 with Position Transmitter

E-P Positioner TS600R Option Code 3 with Limit Switch Box

E-P Positioner TS600R Option 2 or 4 with Limit Switch

E-P Positioner TS600R Option 1 with Position Transmitter

E-P Positioner TS600R Rotary Type

E-P Positioner TS600L Linear Type


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