WCB Diaphragm Valve

JF-150 Expansion Joint, JIS10K~ANSI150~PN16

Bellows Seal Globe Valve PN16-PN40

Cast Iron Foot Valve BSPT/JIS10K

AT20x 2-PC-Body Ball Valve

AT10x 1-PC-Body Ball Valve

AT30x 3-PC-Body Ball Valve

AT330 3-Port Ball Valve

Not only do we supply all accessories for the pneumatic part-turn actuator, but above all we also deliver a high standard of quality and an innovative design. EUROTEC has a firm place among the leading manufacturers of drive accessories in Germany and is also established worldwide.
This is ensured, among other things, by our constant further development in the area of ​​the product range, certifications and product certificates.


GINICE Korean-made Electric Actuator & Control Valve, your reliable source for industrial and HVAC&R system. Established in 1997 GINICE has always been at the forefront of the HVAC, AHU, BAS, FA, Valve Automation and Boiler Steam System.

Electric Actuator Linear Type

2-way Control Valve Cast Iron

2-way Control Valve Stainless Steel

2-way Control Valve Bronze

121K08-EZ1-240VAC (Auto-drain Solenoid Valve 1/4"

GPW-20-AB410AC240 (2WNC 3/4")

GPS-20-AB410AC240 (2WNC 3/4")

GPW-25S6-AB410AC240 (2WNC SS316 1")



KITZ Brass Valve

KOSAPLUS Korea is manufacturer for Pneumatic Actuator (Scotch Yoke Design) for the past 30 years, No.1 leading pneumatic actuators in Korea with more than 30 Korean brand-label-customers including AUTOMA, DONGJOO, DOWVALVE, NOAH, MOTOYAMA, KCC, A-SUNG just name a few.

Today, KOSAPLUS manufactured products include Pneumatic actuator Rack & Pinion type, Electric Actuators Spur Gear & Scotch Yoke type, and Limit-Switch-Box. The company has obtained ISO9001/14001 system certification and product certificates include CE, SIL and ATEX explosion proof.

Scotch Yoke AD/AS

Rack & Pinion RD/RS

Electric Actuator KE-G Spur Gear Type

Electric Actuator KE-P Scotch Yoke Type

Union Connector Flexible Joint

Rubber Flexible Joint

Since started business activities as Korea Sunkyung Pneumatics in 1987, SKP Corporation has been focusing on the production and development of pneumatic equipment which is one parts to make automation equipment leading the industry sites used effciently and safely.

SKP is producing cleaning equipment including micro-separators and filters, pneumatic accessories including air units, direction controllers including solenoid valves seeking quality enhancement through repetition of development, and various accessories facilitating the use of such products more.

SAF Air Filter

SAW Air Filter-regulator

SAL400 Air Lubricator

SAR Air Regulator

Tissin is a professional brand for control valve accessories in Korea and provides high quality of products that are based on long-term field experience.

Tissin’s team members with many experiences who are in charge of the technical department, the sales departmentand the production department have overcome various problems that have occurred in the field over the years, so with that we have been trying for the customer’s trust constantly.

Tissin's technical department team understands the conditions of the field very well and continues to develop new product lines in the direction that customers want. In addition, Tissin's sales and production department team is using all of its methods to service the most competitive pricing to meet the customer's requirements.

Air Filter Regulator 1/4" SS316

Air Filter Regulator 1/4"

Lock Up Valve 1/4" SS316

Lock Up Valve 1/4"

P110 General Pressure Gauge

P250-P251 Industrial Pressure Gauge

P252-P258 Industrial Pressure Gauge

P253-P259 Industrial Pressure Gauge

VALUE High Performance Butterfly Valve

VF-9 Double Offet High Performance Butterfly Valve

Born in 2000, VEE-LOK is committed to high quality standards to manufacture needle valves, valve manifolds, check valves, instrument ball valves and twin ferrule tube fittings for oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, offshore, shipping and energy industries. As a leading manufacturer, we have been making all efforts to optimize our products to meet the customers’ requirements and create the best satisfaction.

Products are made in Taiwan. We are well trained and operated to maintain the quality management and achieve our defined objectives on each sector. Competent workforce and technical know-how enable us to produce consistent quality. Transparent operation and efficient communication encourage continuous improvement to upgrade our integrated performance.

High Pressure Ball Valve

VEE-LOK Snubber

VEE-LOK Valve Manifold

VEE-LOK Tube Fitting

Since our inception in 1987, YPC Korea has been allocating its resources to specialise in the development and manufacturing of pneumatic products considered the core of factory automation.

In addition, to ensure the consistent precision and reliability of our pneumatic products, YPC has been implemented a PPM system as the critical part of our overall quality assurance program. Most importantly,YPC is honoured and privileged that the fully diversified line of YPC products are contributing to the overall growth and development of many domestic automation industries.

SF2101-IP-24VDC (5/2-way single solenoid 1/8")

SF2200-IP-24VDC (5/2-way double solenoid 1/8")

SF4101-IP-24VDC (5/2-way single solenoid 1/4")

SF4200-IP-24VDC (5/2-way double solenoid 1/4")

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