PARKER Solenoid Valve

Parker Hannifin’s Fluid and Climate Controls Europe (FCCE) is at the forefront of solenoid valve technology and bespoke integrated electro-pneumatic system solutions. With more than 60 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing innovative solutions, FCCE delivers exceptional performance and value for its customers.

FCCE’s core competencies lie in the design, development and manufacturer of an extensive, diverse range of fluid control products, including solenoid valves, pressure regulators and systems. Key achievements include championing the utilisation of synthetic ruby for critical water applications

PM146WV-ZB12 (2WNC G1/4)

E121K63-481865C2 (2WNC G1/4)

7121KBN2NV00-481865C2 (2WNC 1/4 NPT)

71215SN2KV00-H111C2 (2WNC 1/4 NPT)

PM139FV-ZB12 (3WUN G1/4)

E131K06-481865C2 (3WNC G1/4)

131K0450-481865C2 (3WNC G1/4 w/ Manual Override)

71335SN2ENJ1-H111C2 (3WUN 1/4 NPT)

7321BAN00-481865C2 (2WNC G1/2)

7321B..01-481865C2 (2WNC w/ Manual Override)

7321BDN00-481865C2 (2WNC G1)

7321BGN00-481865C2C2 (2WNC G2)

221G25-492425C2 (2WNC G1/2)

221G27-492425C2 (2WNC G1)

221S15F-492425C2 (2WNC G1/2)

221S25F-492425C2 (2WNC G1)

321H25-481865C2 (2WNC G1/2)

322H7506-4270-481044 (2WNO G1/2)

341N05-496131C2 (NAMUR Solenoid Valve)

341N01-8993-488980C2 (NAMUR Solenoid Valve)

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