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Compressed Air Filter should receive the supply air first and are necessary to reduce contaminates and moisture in the compressed air at the machine. They are available in different sizes depending on the needs of your application, standard filters remove particulates around 10 µm while fine filters are available to remove particulates down to 2 µm. 

Process instrumentation or high-speed pneumatic tools will require a finer particle filtration, along with food and pharmaceutical applications. 

Filters require preventative maintenance to ensure they maintain optimum efficiency and filter effectively. The key area of maintenance for filters is taking care of the filter-bowl. All the collected pollutants from the air will fill the bowl so you need to control the level either with a manul drain, a semi-automatic drain or ideally with an automatic drain. Also, the filter element should be controlled from time to time, for Coalescing Filters a PDI (pressure drop indicator) is used to see the rate of contamination.

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