Angle-seat Valve (Anti-water Hammer)

Angle-seat Valve (Double Acting)

Angle-seat Valve (Normally Open)

3/2-way Solenoid Valve G1/4 (PM139FV-ZB09/12)

AT5304 Automatic Air Vent 1/2"

A1AV1 Automatic Air Vent 1/2~1"


AT10x 1-PC-Body Ball Valve

AT20x 2-PC-Body Ball Valve

AT30x 3-PC-Body Ball Valve

AT330 3-Port Ball Valve

ACME ECO CI Butterfly Valve

ACM CI/DI Butterfly Valve

ACU CI Butterfly Valve (PTFE Coating Seat)

ACS SST Butterfly Valve

A6SC1 Swing Check Valve

A6SC2 Spring Check Valve

AT513 SS316 Disco Check Valve

AT512A SS316 Disco Check Valve PN40

HFS-15 (Flow Switch 1/2")

HFS-25-SS304 (Flow Switch 1")


A3GA1 WCB Gate Valve API600

A3GL1 WCB Globe Valve API600

A3CH1 WCB Swing Check API600

A3YS1 WCB Y-Strainer

A5GA1-N-15 (A105N Gate 800# 1/2")

A5GA1-A150-15 (A105N Gate ANSI150 1/2")

A5GL1-N-15 (A105N Globe 800# 1/2")

A5GL1-A150-20 (A105N Globe ANSI150 3/4")

200QB-DA050 (Pneumatic Knife Gate 2")

200QB-HW050 (Handwheel Knife Gate 2")


A6-BF1-15 (SS304 Ball Float 1/2")

A6BF1-J10K-050 (SS304 Ball Float JIS10K 2")

A2FV2-15 (Side Entry 1/2")

TB15 (Tank Water Level Control Valve 1/2")

HBNVS4MFSQ (Needle Valve M/F 1/4 NPT)

HBNVS16MF (Needle Valve M/F 1" NPT)

HBNVS6FFSQ (Needle Valve 3/8 NPT)

HBNVS12FF (Needle Valve 3/4 NPT)

General Pressure Gauge Dia 40mm

General Pressure Gauge Dia 50mm

General Pressure Gauge Dia 63mm

General Pressure Gauge Dia 100mm

AT5035 (PRV 3/4")

AT5035-SS316 (PRV 3/4")


AT1000S-15 (Bronze Safety Valve 1/2")

AT1000L-25 (Bronze Safety Valve 1")

AT1000S-20-SS316 (Safety Valve 3/4")

Cast Iron Safety Valve ANSI150

SPC-110 (Pressure Switch 1/4" 1~10bar)


A2HS1 Double Union Ball Valve

A2HS4 Diaphragm Valve

A2HS5 Ball Check Valve

A2HS2-065 (PP Butterfly Valve 2.5")

AT400S3050-063 (Straight Stem 2.5")

AT400L0120-100 (L-Stem 4")

AT110-100-0200-100 (0-200 Deg, Celsius)

AT120-100-0300-150 (0-300 Deg. Celsius)

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