Pressure Switch BSPT1/4" 1~10bar

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Pressure Switch BSPT1/4" 1~10bar E-SHOPPING Pressure Switch BSPT1/4" 1~10bar E-SHOPPING
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SPC Pressure switches are very popular and important in plant control and instrumentation
úČthey are used for regulating, monitoring and alarm systems in industrial applications. With built-in SPDT micro switch, they are mainly used in control circuits and power circuits, so also called pressure control switch, pressure controls or pressure relay.
SPC Pressure switches will make a changeover when pressure rises up to a preset value (RANGE on scale plate), it will reset when pressure falls through a dead band (DIFF on scale plate). It could be used to protect system away from excessively high pressure or too low pressure, depending on wiring method.


The applicable media could be air, water, Freon, hydraulic oils, gases, steam, and etc.Both positive pressure switch and vacuum pressure switch are available.

air compressor pressure switch Electric Rating

Rated Amps(A)\Rated Voltage(V) 125V A.C. 250V A.C.
Non-Inductive Current 20A 10A
Inductive Current Full Load 15A 8A
Locked Rotor 72A



air compressor pressure switch Specifications

Model Range (bar) Differential (bar) Factory Setting (bar)

Max. Bellows 

Press. (bar)

Min. Max. Min. Max. OFF ON
SPC-100 -1.0 0 0.2 0.5 -0.7 -0.5 16.5
SPC-101 -0.5 1 0.2 0.7 0.2(0.5) 0.5(0.2)
SPC-102 -0.5 2 0.2 0.7 0.5(1) 1(0.5)
SPC-103 -0.5 3 0.35 1.5 1(2) 2(1)
SPC-106 -0.5 6 0.6 4 2(3) 3(2)
SPC-106ML -0.5 6 Fixed Value (≤1) 2 Manual Reset
SPC-110 1 10 1 4 5(6) 6(5)
SPC-116 5 16 2 5 8(10) 10(8) 33
SPC-120 5 20 2 5 14(16) 16(14)
SPC-130 5 30 3 10 15(20) 20(15)
SPC-130L 8 30 Fixed Value (3~5) 20 15~17
SPC-130ML 8 30 Fixed Value (3~5) 20 Manual Reset
SPC-140 5 40 5 15 25(30) 30(25) 42

1,''RANGE'' on scale plate refers to switching value on pressure rises, it could be“switch on'' or“switch off', depending on wiring mode.
2,''DIFF'' refers to pressure differential between two“switching value''
3, RANGE - DIFF = switching value on pressure drops
CAUTION : DON'T attempt to twist other built-in screws except wiring, otherwise product shall be INVALID.

Note: due to continuous product improvement, the appearance of the actual product may differ slightly.

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