SKP Pneumatic Equipment (FRL)

Korea No.1 Pneumatic Equipment Specialist with 30 years of accumulated technology

Since started business activities as Sunkyung Pneumatics in 1987, SKP Corporation has been focusing on the production and development of pneumatic equipment which is one parts to make automation equipment leading the industry sites used effciently and safely.

SKP is producing cleaning equipment including micro-separators and filters, pneumatic accessories including air units, direction controllers including solenoid valves seeking quality enhancement through repetition of development, and various accessories facilitating the use of such products more.

Filter Regulator +Lubricator (SAU110~610 Series)

Filter +Regulator +Lubricator (SAU100~600 Series)

Filter Regulator (SAW100~600 Series)

Filter Regulator for High Pressure (SAW200H~600H Series)

Air Lubricator (SAL100~600)

Air Filter (SAF100~600)

Large Flow Air Filter (SAF800-900)

Air Regulator (SAR100~600)

Large Flow Pilot Operated Regulator (SAR)

Air Regulator for High Pressure (SAR200H~600H)

Precision Regulator (SRP2000-3000)

Water Separator (SAMG150~850)

Micro Mist Separator (SAMD150~850)

Main Line Filter (SAFL150~850)

Hand Valve (SHV200~400)

Speed Controller (SAS2000~6000)


Differential Pressure Indicator (DPI)

Pressure Switch (SPS)

Pressure Relief 3port Valve (SHVS)

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